Find Serenity: A Holistic Wellness Retreat at Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge in Southern California

If you are overwhelmed with the daily hustle bustle of life and want a break, come to Julian, California. This historic and beautiful mining town, just an hour away from San Diego at the east side, is a true stunner. It changes its ‘avatar’ every season and each ‘avatar’ renders a surreal experience. No wonder you can find some of the best spiritual retreats in San Diego.  

Peace and calmness

Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge & Retreat is designed to give you the serenity that you seek. The constant drilling routines of the city life often render us drained of energy and leave us with a cluttered mind. The retreat is thoughtfully designed to give you a relaxing and a rejuvenating experience so that you go back fresh and lighter at heart and mind.

Healing the mind

Quiet Mind Mountain can be said to be a great mental health retreat in San Diego, as it offers a host of spiritual activities that contribute to the healing of the mind, body, and soul. This is a great place for people who have gone through a mental trauma. The retreat’s guided meditation classes are for both beginners and seasoned meditators. They help the mind become calm and release the trauma. The meditation is done in a specially designed meditation shrine.

They also offer online meditation courses, which are led by the Founder of Quiet Mind and Buddhist Teacher, Michael Gregory.

So, those looking for trauma retreat in California, this is perhaps the ultimate place to be. 

These things you can’t do in cities, can you?

Can you gaze at the Milky Way’s countless glittering stars against the dark sky in the city? Well, you can’t find a dark sky thanks to the haze of the city lights! 

But, when you are at an elevation of 4700 feet from sea level, in the quiet little town of Julian, you will be awed by the vastness of the glittering heavens.

Forest bathing is yet another incredibly soothing activity that you can do at a stress relief wellness retreat, but not in a city.

Well, you can do yoga in the city; but doing it amidst the serenity of nature is different.

Every activity, from sleeping and eating to walking or even sitting quietly and gazing at nature renders a soothing experience when you are at the yoga retreat Southern California.

It’s another world where you get a chance to connect with Mother Nature and find your true self.

Are you ready for this phenomenal experience?   

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