Top Spa and Wellness Packages in California: Romantic Getaways and Los Angeles Resorts

Top Spa and Wellness Packages in Californi

Medical experts agree that spa and wellness packages benefit body, mind, and spirit tremendously. They help you de-stress, releases happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine, improves your sleep, and gives you a glowing complexion. A spa treatment is anti-aging in effect and can help to alleviate body pain and stiffness, and reduce headaches. You can easily book spa and wellness packages in California online and pamper yourselves.

Romantic couples spa and wellness packages

Retreat centers like Quiet Mind Mountain offer exclusive spa and wellness packages for couples. The idea is to help couples relax together.

The massage is done for the lady and the gentleman in the same room on different massage tables arranged side by side to each other.

The center typically offers Swedish massage. However, when you book romantic couples spa and wellness packages, you can customize the massage to suit your rejuvenation needs.

Benefits of massage

Massage stimulates the largest organ of the body – the skin. The long gliding strokes, the tapping, the kneading, and other such hand movements performed on the skin produces a chain reaction that affects on all layers of the skin in a positive way.  It relaxes tension in muscles. It impacts the nerves and glands positively. The massage therapy relaxes the mind and promotes overall wellbeing.

A Julian wellness getaway can give you the benefits of massage and lead to healing of mind and body.

Benefits of couple spa packages in California

When a couple takes a spa together they pave way for strengthening their bond. As you see your partner relaxing and becoming at ease, you too feel at ease and happy for him/her. Relaxing together can trigger the urge for intimate moments between you two.

When you book couple spa packages in California you also get the advantage of staying in a wonderful place like Quiet Mind Mountain, which is nestled amidst pristine nature. You can also indulge in other therapies such as aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, reflexology (working on reflex points of feet), chakra balancing massage, craniosacral therapy, healing and renewing infrared sauna, and more.

All this happens at the beautiful shrine The Tara Temple Spa, which is an oasis of healing and dedicated to Tara, the Buddha of health and long life. Book spa and resort packages in Los Angles and receive healing bodywork and massage from trained practitioners.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your partner along and indulge in beautiful, relaxing moments together.

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