Discovering Tranquility: Wellness Getaways in Orange County and Beyond

Never before in history has the humankind being so deeply connected with technology. We are now less connected to nature and our own self. The constant connection with technological gadgets like phones and computers creates an adverse effect to physical and mental health. No wonder we are so much in need of wellness getaways.

These getaways give us a chance to re-connect with Mother Nature and to our own self. They let us disconnect with technology for a while and dive into the tranquil realms of meditation, yoga, massages, spiritual reading, forest bathing, and more. A wellness retreat in Orange County provides an amazing opportunity to detox from technology and find your inner peace.

Activities offered by Julian wellness getaway

Quiet Mind Mountain Retreat Center is known for its exclusive activities aimed towards spiritual awareness, wellbeing, and mindful living. You can also arrange for private sessions for the spa treatments, massages, and other wellness activities.

The following activities form your spiritual and mindful journey as you bask in the beauty and tranquility of nature:

  • Yoga: Traditional hatha yoga classes amidst the outdoor natural surroundings boost your physical and mental power.
  • Guided meditation: The Julian wellness getaway offers you an excellent opportunity to be in a guided meditation session at the exclusive Meditation Shrine. You can also take online meditation classes conducted by the Buddhist teacher and founder of the center.
  • Forest bathing: This Japanese walking meditation is fast catching up with the technologically-exhausted crowd. It gives them a chance to be free of technology and use their senses to feel, touch, see, hear, and taste nature.  
  • Sky gazing: This ancient Tibetan meditation involves gazing at the vast sky and letting your emotions and thoughts arise and merge in the vastness of the sky. This helps you de-clutter your mind and release stuck emotions.
  • Star gazing: The dark skies of Julian provide a perfect opportunity to gaze at the Milky Way. You can also do this from the outdoor jacuzzi. Get connected with the Universe.
  • Massage: Therapeutic massages can offer an amazingly healing experience.
  • Spiritual library: Immerse yourself in books – inspirational, spiritual, rare Buddhist literature, classics, and more. Play a game of chess or simply write a journal.

Other activities include kayaking, canoeing, boating, hiking, rock climbing, and visiting the historic Julian town of East San Diego. You can’t miss the lakeside spa jacuzzi! This can be one of the most memorable wellness getaways in California. Pacc dscsdcak your bags now and get ready for a liberating experience.

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